An Albanian city filled with over 3000 years of history

Elbasan. An Albanian city filled with over 3000 years of history and culture.Elbasan has many different nicknames like “The City of Flowers”. It is called that way because it’s filled to its limits with flowers and trees.

Also, Elbasan has lots of mosques and churches and everybody respects others’ religion.

Don’t get me started with the food. The food there is amazing. One of the reasons that is amazing is that everything in Elbasan is bio. The food has an amazing taste and the people there have an old culture.

Shkumbin lake is a beautiful lake that is located in Elbasan. He is very long and cleen. Villages in Elbasan are in another world with its beauty.

In every village Elbasan has it filled with old houses and people that have many animals. They also have lots of bio products that supply the rest of Albana. Elbasan might not have a beach but it has lots of mountains.They are amazing for people who love adventures. That’s Elbasan, a city filled with exciting adventures and lots of amazing food.

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