That’s Durrës city of Albania

A place like no other. With hundreds of thousands of years filled with exciting history. A place with old buildings and old streets that started modernizing with lots of luxury hotels and beaches. This place has one of the biggest ports in the Adriatic Sea.

It’s called Durrës. Lately Durrës has become a place that attracts tourists with the beaches it has. In 2023 Durrës had an Albania breaking record of over 1 million tourists in the entire summer.

Tourists that visited Durrës last summer were shocked by its beauty and its food. The restaurants in Durrës make some of the finest food in Albania.

Some tourists left their hometown to live in Durrës. That is all because in Durrës everyone has a quiet life and the air is clean. That’s Durrës, the best city if you want to live in Albania.

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