The city of Berat

The city of Berat is one of the most important of UNESCO world heritage site in Albania.
It is a beautiful city with an amazing architecture and the history of it is very interesting.

In Berat there are two main neighborhoods that are divided by Osum River. They are called Mangalem and Gorica and they are connected by Gorica Bridge The roads are like the old style and also the houses.

Another thing to do in Berat is to explore the Castle that is one of the biggest inhabited castles with some Byzantine churches within. Also, there is the Onufri Museum inside the castle where you can see the beautifully carved iconostasis. The castle used to have 40 churches and 7 still remain today. The master painter Onufri belongs to the 16th century but he is known to have paint orthodox churches in Albania and in Greece.

Above all, the food and the cooking in the guest houses or restaurants of Berat is delicious.

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