The Koman Lake

The Koman Lake has now become a tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, shared photos of Koman Lake on Monday morning, promoting one of the most beloved natural tourism destinations.

Originally constructed as an artificial lake for supplying water to the Koman Hydroelectric Power Plant, in 2000 it started being used for water travel between different locations, connecting the city of Bajram Curri and Gjakova to other parts of the country. Later, Koman Lake began to pique the curiosity of local and foreign tourists due to its natural beauty and historical and natural monuments along its shores. Along the entire lake, from Fierza to Koman, in a journey lasting less than three hours, visitors can be captivated by the breathtaking views. Traveling by ferry or a smaller boat provides an indescribable pleasure, and the villages in this area and the gorges of several rivers that flow into the lake are attractions in themselves.

Koman Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Albania, worth visiting for its unique waters and nature.

Tourist activities on the waters of Koman Lake continue throughout the year, but the true tourist season starts from May to September, a period when the climate is most suitable. For nature and history enthusiasts, as well as those interested in the local culture and traditions, the rare guesthouses in the villages by the lake are used for accommodation.

Koman Lake is a reservoir on the Drin River in Northern Albania. It is surrounded by dense forested hills, vertical cliffs, deep gorges, and a narrow valley entirely embraced by the river. Besides the Drin, it is fed by the Shala and Valbona rivers. The lake covers an area of 34 square kilometers, with a width of 400 meters. The narrow gorge, enclosed by vertical canyon walls, is over 50 meters deep. The reservoir was constructed between 1979 and 1988 near the village of Koman with a height of 115 meters.

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