What does Albania offer?

Albania is a country with lots of interesting things to offer but almost nothing is known outside borders.
So, the first question that we make is: Why Albania is a destination not better known in Europe?

This is difficult to understand because the position is very favorable. It lies between these other countries: Montenegro to the north, Greece to the south, Kosovo and North Macedonia to the east, and Italy to the west with the Adriatic Sea in between.


Another key point is the long coastline around 500 km.
But an important part of the problem is the recent history, one of them is the communism period. Those years were very hard for all the country because there was no freedom, and everything was controlled by the Parti of people.


Tourism is developing more and more, even we are already very late in this industry. During summer in Albania come tourists from all over the world and they mostly say the will redo the trip. The reason tourists come here is the economy part, fresh food, and very good cooking.

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